Maybe So ...


Dear Editor,

We had a bit of difficulty here at Utmost United Methodist Church. Phil Lynn, our current ministerial intern, uses Facebook a great deal. We had opening chapel of kindergarten after the Christmas break. Phil posted pictures of the children during chapel service and upon leaving he posted the pictures on his Facebook page. 

Parents began calling the church office, upset that their child’s picture is on the Internet. Some had signed a waiver for photos to be made. They complained that they did not mean photos could be put on Facebook, hence, the Internet.

Our church has in place “Safe Sanctuary” policies. All staff and adult leaders have been trained in its practice. However, when Phil was asked why he did not follow the policies in place, he said, “Use of Facebook was not mentioned, so I didn’t think it applied here.”

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, told the staff, “We must be more attentive to what Safe Sanctuaries is all about! We are living in a new day,” he said. “Never before have we had such instant, widespread communication. There are global implications to our use of communication technology. We must examine carefully how we use it.”

Until next time…

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.