Maybe So ...


Dear Editor,

Occasionally we have a little dust up over Holy Communion here at Utmost United Methodist Church. Our Communion steward, Holly Terra, is a stickler for doing things the “right way.” Doesn’t matter what the subject is: placing the paraments, the juice for the “wine,” the bread or whatever, Holly says, “We must do it the right way.”

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, changed to using the intinction method of serving Holy Communion. It took Holly ages to agree to the idea. She still occasionally mutters, “This is not the right way.” But, being a faithful Methodist, she complies, and soldiers on.

The most recent dust up is over the communion bread. Holly insists on using pita bread. “It’s the nearest to unleavened bread,” she said. Honey Baker, one of our new – and very active – members, baked a bread recipe from The Monastery of The Holy Spirit for Christmas Eve. It received rave reviews. Holly was away at the time. 

The Worship Committee suggested that Holly ask Honey to bake the communion bread for the upcoming Maundy Thursday service. “But we use pita bread,” she said. “It’s just not right to use anything else.” Rev. Wright is talking with Holly to “ease her conscience.”

Until next time…

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.