Maybe So ...


Dear Editor,

The preschool here at Utmost United Methodist Church has a nice sandbox. However, after a few months of the children taking sand home – in their socks, shoes, pockets, or cuffs – the sand level decreases. With a relatively mild winter, the children spent a lot more time in the sandbox. Hence, more sand is needed.

Fortunately, members of the Boy Scout troop needed credit for service projects, so the Scoutmaster readily agreed to take on the refill project. The preschool arranged for a load of sand to be delivered to the parking lot and a recent Saturday was set for the project.

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, was impressed by the industry of the Boy Scout troop.

“Those boys showed up with wheelbarrows, shovels, yard rakes, and buckets. They also had coolers with bottles of cold water to keep them hydrated,” he said. “In about two hours, the sand pile had been moved inside the fence and leveled within the sand box. They also swept up the residual sand on the parking lot and, as the Scouts like to say, ‘Left No Trace.’”

After the job was done, the Scout leaders had pizzas on hand. It was a remarkable project.  

Until next time… 

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.