Maybe So ... (Dec. 16)


Dear Editor,

We have an excellent street location here at Utmost United Methodist Church. However, the road sign out front not only shows age, its appearance is bland. The trustees are discussing replacing it.

Buck Holder said, “We should just get a handyman to fix up and paint the current sign.”

Miss Lucy Twiggly said, “My daddy gave that church sign, and if it was good enough for him then, it is good enough for us now!”

Major Day said, “The New Day Sign Company here in town carries a very attractive digital sign that can be changed from the church office. It is computerized and the content can be updated instantly. That means it is a lot less labor intensive.”

Will Notley said, “Those signs are expensive. We can’t throw money at every shiny whim that comes along. Money doesn’t just fall from the sky!”

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, said, “Thousands of cars pass here every day on their way to and from work. We could offer not only information, but also daily inspirational messages. That way, instead of the church being a piece of the landscape, people would develop a habit of looking our way daily.”

Until next time …

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, GA