Maybe So ... (Dec. 2)


Dear Editor,

We are going through a tough transition here at Utmost United Methodist Church. For as long as anyone can remember we published a weekly newsletter, sent by mail. Not only is it more costly due to the increase in paper and postage costs, but it’s also very labor intensive.

Volunteers provided manual labor, but postage regulations require staff attention. During the economic downturn, financial support sagged and cut into available volunteer time.A membership survey revealed that 85 percent of the membership have access to the Internet and frequently use email. Also, younger members prefer to receive their information online. So the Administrative Council made the decision to phase in an electronic newsletter in place of the print version.

Cy Burr has enhanced our website and makes timely posts to keep members up to date. The upgraded, timely website is really catching on, much to the relief of our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright.

The most vocal opposition to our going digital has been that some members don’t have, or don’t use, the Internet and email. This has been addressed by providing print versions sent by first class mail to them. These mailings are far less expensive and reduce the labor to virtually nil.

Until Next Time …

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, GA