Maybe So ... (Feb. 16)


Dear Editor,

We “stepped into the 20th Century” here at Utmost United Methodist Church – some of the younger members requested Internet service throughout the building.

The Venture Sunday School Class sent the proposal asking that WiFi be made available, and said they would fund its installation. Will Notley went to the meeting of the Trustees because he knew it would be on the agenda.

Will immediately spoke against it. “We don’t need that wifey (sic) mess in this church building,” he said. “It is the work of the Devil! Don’t y’all read the newspaper? Just look at all the heartache and problems it brings about.”

Mr. I. C. Clearly said, “Will, most of us understand that with each new venture there are negative as well as positive sides. Fire, which is not new, is an example. It can injure and destroy as well as help and entertain. How it is used makes the difference.”

Barry Tone, our choir director helped to carry the day. “Just as we have an alarm system in the church, we will have Internet protection controls,” he said. “Our youth and children’s music program could greatly benefit from a good wireless connection.”

After thorough discussion, the motion passed.

Until next time…

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.