Maybe So ... (Jan. 20)


Dear Editor,

Our pastor here at Utmost United Methodist Church, Rev. Mostly Wright, deeply cares about our being a singing church. During this year, he wants to revive the “One Great Day of Singing.” He said, “We United Methodists have a rich heritage in singing. Our hymns not only help create a great sense of community, but are also marvelous teachers of theology. Sing a Wesley hymn, and you get deeper understanding of our faith.”

He also plans to dispense with projecting words of the hymns we sing on that day. He also asked for only congregational singing, no solos or group sing. Barry Tone, our music director, is soundly in favor. Barry said, “We will gain a lot by moving from ‘worship-tainment’ to participation. Our goal is to move toward congregational participation and away from what I call ‘Hired Help.’”

Mr. I. C. Clearly said, “We tend to become lazy worshipers at best, and at worst, drama observers, when we sit and watch others sing and worship for us. I’m glad we are being brought into more dynamic participation.”

Rev. Wright said, “No one should fret over whether they sing well; the point is just make a joyful noise.”

Until next time …

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, GA