Maybe So ... (Jan. 5)


Dear Editor,

Our pastor here at Utmost United Methodist Church, Rev. Mostly Wright, caught the flu the week after Christmas and was not able to preach the next Sunday. Will Goforth, now serving as Staff-Parish chair, found himself in an unusual dilemma: having to locate a fill-in to preach.

Rev. Wright gave him a list of possible names to call, and he went to work on the list right away. Being the Christmas/New Year’s holidays, most were away or had family visiting and did not want to miss the precious brief time they had for visiting.

Finally he found a seminary student who, of all things, needed to preach and record a live sermon for a class requirement. Will worked out a time to meet the student and go over the schedule and worship services together.

I got a little uneasy when the student asked me who would lead the service,” Will said. “I thought that being a seminary student he would know how to lead the service. But no, he wanted only to preach.”

Major Day said, “Will, he’s too nervous to do the whole thing alone. You are fortunate to get someone!”

So Major wound up leading the service and all went along very well.

Until next time …

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.