Maybe So ... (July 21)


Dear Editor,

Change does not come easily for an old, established church like Utmost United Methodist Church. Nevertheless, our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, feels confident about the vitality of the congregation. He thinks the congregation is strengthened by its willingness to embrace these changes.

He said, “While our attendance and membership expansion do not set records, we experience lively ministry. Just look around; we host a number of community outreach events for a variety of ages. Unlike earlier days, our building does not sit idle during the week.”

Major Day said, “You nailed it, Rev. Wright! Just think of the children who attend the pre-school, the Alcoholics Anonymous group, language classes we host, and fitness classes held here. Although some members participate in these, largely they are attended by community people.”

“You are right, Major,” Will Goforth said. “Just look at the new members we have received over the past two years. More than half of them came through our outreach ministries.”

Shirley Goodness agreed and said, “These events not only increase the visibility of our church in the community, but also promote appreciation of our contribution to the neighborhood. It is a positive witness for making disciples for Jesus Christ”

Until next time,

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, GA