Maybe So ... (June 22)


Dear Editor,

The air conditioning went out here at Utmost United Methodist Church. As it turns out, more than a simple service was needed. The entire unit needed to be replaced. This happened on a Friday. The repair guy came and tried to do a quickie patch job, to no avail.

So, Sunday was a sweltering day in the sanctuary. Large fans were brought in, and “funeral home” fans distributed as well. Still, it was a sweatbox inside, with 90-plus-degree heat by 11 a.m. Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, preached without his robe, and managed very well. Not so much for the congregation. It was the talk of the day.

Shirley Goodness said, “We are such funny people. It wasn’t that many years ago that our parents had only ceiling fans in the church for cooling. They were quite happy … in fact, according to my mother, there was quite a celebration when the fans were installed.”

“Oh! Those were the days,” Major Day said. “We sat on the hard pews with the windows open, fanned ourselves with those gaudy funeral home fans, and prayed for a breeze. Now the A/C goes out and we think we’re about to die. Times change, don’t they?”

Until next time …

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.