Maybe So ... (March 2)


Dear Editor,

Our youth ministry here at Utmost United Methodist Church struggles to schedule activities during the week. Many of the youth are involved in sports activities. Sometimes sports activities even impinge on Sunday activities.

“Used to be Sunday and Wednesday night were untouchable times for scheduling non-church activities,” Cyrus Lukenbach said. “They just worked around those times. Of course, once in a great while something like a tournament or a rare event came up and everybody understood. Kids would just miss once and be back the next week.”

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, said, “Yes, that is one of the stark realities the Church faces today. No longer is the Church the dominant influence in the community. So we must work with what we have.”

Mr. I. C. Clearly said, “It does make our planning more difficult, but the underlying reality is that we have a wide and lucrative mission field. Our Sunday school class is planning a ‘reality tour,’” he said. “Our plan is to ride streets of our neighborhood in the church bus to see what goes on here Sunday mornings. “

Will Goforth said, “Good; that is a step toward reaching our community.”

Until next time…

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.