Maybe So ... (March 3)


Dear Editor,

The New Year has brought new regulations - county, state, and federal. A particularly bothersome one is the county’s new setback requirement for the new street-widening project. We will lose a fair chunk of the front lawn, and the old timers here are chafed about it.

I suppose we at Utmost United Methodist Church are like a lot of other churches. We are used to things as they are. Most of what we do here at Utmost United Methodist Church we have always done and done the same way. Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright said, “An old saying is there is little difference between a rut and a grave. This will help us examine what we do here, for neither a rut nor a grave is desirable for UUMC.”

Major Day said, “This development is uncomfortable for some folks here, but it gives us a great opportunity to give the community a new look at our church. Just look at the new configuration on the frontage! Malls spend big money regularly just to change the ‘front door’ of their property.”

Shirley Goodness said, “Although change brings some pain, or at least discomfort, It does open some new possibilities.”

Until next time ...

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, GA