Maybe So ... (May 18)


Dear Editor,

Several youth here at Utmost United Methodist Church are signing up for church camp this summer. Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, said, “I’m excited to see so many planning to go. I think the ones who went last year lit a flame in their hearts. When campers come back to the youth group sharing exciting experiences from camp, it has powerful magnetism on the others.”

When Carole Cooler, one of the middle school youth, learned that her mother had signed her up, she was incensed. “You signed me up for ‘Jesus camp!!??’” she said. “I hear they have WORSHIP twice a day!! And I heard we have to leave all electronic devices at home … ALL week. I can’t stand it!”

The next week, Carole had a transformation. She learned that her best friend from her class at school was going to camp the same week. She also learned that one of her close soccer team friends was also going.

Joy Rushing said, “Isn’t it amazing how much influence friends can have on a teenager’s life choices?”

Rev. Wright was, of course, quite pleased to learn of Carole’s change of heart.

“You just never can tell,” he said, “about these teenagers.”

Until next time…

Homer Heardmore|
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.