Maybe So ... (Nov. 17)


Dear Editor,

We had an amazing epiphany here at Utmost United Methodist Church. Our music director, Barry Tone, announced free keyboard lessons once a week to anyone interested. Six more people than he had keyboards showed up. Barry was beyond pleased.

During the next week Barry helped obtain keyboards from members who weren’t using theirs. Still, more people showed up. Then a music company offered a dozen keyboards at half price, which Barry accepted.

Joy Rushing, we discovered, is an excellent guitar teacher. She had kept this a secret for fear she would sound pushy. She agreed to offer free guitar lessons twice a month. Her class is already full.

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, is seldom astonished. He was, however, astonished at the interest that is being shown in music.

“I will talk with Barry about giving anyone who is interested the opportunity to play during worship or at other public venues as they develop their skills,” he said. “Senior living centers near here would welcome such an offering.”

Will Goforth said, “I am excited about this growing edge of our church. Music ministry opens doors for witness without forcing the issue. It is very invitational. Typically, people do not feel accosted in a music venue.”

Until next time,

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.