Maybe So ... (Oct. 6)


Dear Editor, 

Calendar issues keep cropping up here at Utmost United Methodist Church. When the church was smaller everyone knew everyone … and they knew everything that went on. Now that we have grown into multiple buildings, which include ministries inside and outside the building, it is not as easy to keep up.

So, as it happens, some members from the years back then do not adjust well to contacting the church office to schedule the use of a room or space. The result is that when they arrive for their event they discover that the location is already occupied, or being prepared for occupation.

Of course, the first reaction is irritation that “someone is using our space.” Last week when it happened again – this time to the UMM president – Mr. I. C. Clearly chuckled and said, “Well, Mr. Pres. remembers that when he served years ago, almost any part of the church was available most any time. And everyone knew what was going on, anyway.”

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, said, “Change can be difficult for some people. But that’s the way we stay alive and grow. We must accept change. We’ve made progress in this area, but there is much to be done.”

Until next time,

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.