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Moving forward in the days to come



In a new video message, Bishop David Graves spoke about three new conference staff positions. Watch it here. Read a story about the staff updates here.

Read the full transcript of his video message

It’s my great opportunity to introduce to the South Georgia Annual Conference three new positions that are going to really, I think, help impact this annual conference for the immediate future and for the future to come.

I’m so thankful that, Kelly Roberson, who you know very well, is going to take over the position of Assistant to the Bishop/Director of our Conference Ministries and also our communications.

Kelly is so gifted in all of those areas and I’m so thankful she is going to walk alongside me and you to help us really lean into all the ministries this annual conference has to offer.

Then Anne Bosarge – you’re familiar with her, as well – she’s going to become the Director of our Leadership Strategies in the annual conference.

Also, Abra Lattany-Reed who is going to take the role – it’s been in our budget for some time – but is going to be taking the role of Director of Diversity and Social Justice Ministries.

As I’ve traveled this annual conference for the last four months I’ve heard from many of you, both clergy and lay, talk about the need, (asking) “Bishop, what are you going to do to come alongside of us and help us in the local church? What are you going to do to help with dismantling racism and social justice in our communities? And also, what are we going to do around our conference ministries?”

So as I’ve heard from you, and as I’ve prayed and sought God’s guidance, I’m so thankful these three persons are going to come and give leadership in this annual conference. We’re going to lean in and just focus on our mission and ministry. I hear churches, especially lay people, say, “We just want to be about our ministry. We want to be able to be sustainable; we want to thrive.”

These opportunities we have with these three outstanding people are going to help us move forward in the days to come.

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