Nearly 300 attend Camilla UMC's inaugural "Church in the Park"


Many people who regularly attend church on a given Sunday might not consider that a large number of people who want to learn about God's message of salvation might not feel comfortable walking into an unfamiliar church building. For this reason, Camilla United Methodist Church took their contemporary service, the Warehouse, out into the community by holding their weekly service in the Courthouse Park on Sunday, July 28.  

“One of our goals as a church is to engage the community and be there to love and serve those in need,” said Rick Waters, worship leader for the Warehouse service. “By doing the service outside of the church building, we wanted to bring the hope of Christ to the streets of Camilla by meeting people where they are.”

The music for the service was led by the Warehouse Worship Band comprised of Waters (vocals and guitar), Neil Mullins (vocals and keyboard), David Moye (guitar), Lanair Worsham (guitar), Robert Richardson (bass), Calvin Franklin (drums), Trent Hester (vocals) and Bryan McKenzie (guitar).  

The message was delivered by Camilla UMC pastor Rev. Ken Myers whose sermon title was “The More I Know, the More I Know I Don’t Know,” which was based on John 3:1-21. During his sermon, Rev. Myers told the story of the late-night meeting between Jesus and Nicodemus.   He explained that Nicodemus sought out Jesus so that he could learn how to get into the kingdom of God. 

Volunteers from the church gave out refreshments to those who attended and distributed literature about the other ministries at Camilla UMC. Another “Church in the Park” service is planned for the fall. In the meantime, those gathered in the park were invited to attend the normal Warehouse service Sunday mornings at 8:30 in the renovated warehouse located behind the Church at 39 Harney Street in Camilla.