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Mission Statement
The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy offers its Clinical Pastoral Education/Training programs and programs of ministry and education.  The respect of the intern's person and the healing, change, growth, development and unique integration of the personal and professional is central to CPSP's mission.

The CPE program follows the standards set by CPSP, providing a minimum of 400 hours of supervised learning per unit of training.  The Atlanta Chapter sponsored CPE Program offers extended time units which adheres to this requirement.

Each intern is assigned special areas of pastoral responsibility for clinical pastoral experience.  Pastoral placement is negotiated with each intern.  Day, evening or overnight assignments depend on the clinical requirements of each unit.

The College of Pastoral Supervision
and Psychotherapy is a theologically
based certifying and accrediting covenant community.

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The Program Consists of:

Weekly Scheduled Clinical Practice:

Assignments and rotations to be negotiated with each group member and the supervisor.

Group Seminars are held on a regular basis to include case presentations, didactic and interpersonal relationship seminars, book reviews and other clinical exercises.

Individual Supervision:
Interns meet one-on-one with the supervisor to review pastoral work.  Day and time is negotiated with the supervisor.

The Six Dimensions of Wholeness:
"Pastoral care and counseling seeks to empower growth toward wholeness in all of the six interdependent aspects of a person's life:
* Enlivening one's mind
* Revitalizing one's body
* Renewing and enriching one's intimate relationships
* Deepening one's relationship with nature and the biosphere
* Growth in relation to the significant institutions in one life
* Deepening and vitalizing one's relationship with God.
  Basic Types of Pastoral Care & Counseling,
Howard Clinebell

"Supervision is gathering the treasures of the past into the competencies of the present for the wellbeing of the future."
                                                 A Maoris, New Zealand study - The Soul of Supervision

Clinical Pastoral Education at Riverside United Methodist Church, Macon, GA
An application and a pre-acceptance interview is required prior to acceptance into the program
A 20 Week Program, Spring-Summer 2015
February 5 - Start Date, meets a full day,
Group meets every Thursday,
9:00 am to 1:00 pm for 20 weeks
June 18 - Last Day of program
* Each Intern will document 15 hours of clinical work each week during the unit.
* Each Intern is required two book reviews each unit and a special recorded project.
* All applicants are thoroughly read and applicants are thoughtfully considered.  Groups may be composed of persons from a variety of settlings with a 
  diversity of backgrounds, cultures and affiliations.
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