Reynolds Chapel UMC offers CPR training class


In her capacity as Parish Nurse at Reynolds Chapel UMC, on May 22 Dr. Debbie Weaver conducted CPR training for several individuals and plans to continue instruction classes for church members and community residents in the future.

The training covers adult, child and infant CPR, AED, and choking. Those interested in future classes are invited to contact Dr. Weaver at 861-3916 or

Dr. Weaver emphasizes that hands-only CPR can help save lives. "Knowing when to call for help, call 911, and start hands only CPR is essential when time is of the essence in emergencies," she emphasizes.

Click here to view a photo of Harold Coppinger, one of several participants in Reynolds Chapel UMC's CPR class, as he learns basics of the training with a mannequin used in the classes.