S3 small group applications available online


S3 is a collaborative, small group, action learning experience for clergy that help sustain and promote excellence in ordained ministry. Participants develop and implement a two-year long small group learning experience focused on three areas: Sabbath, Study, and Service. S3 groups are self-selected and self-directed: participants choose the members of their group and develop their group’s S3 learning project (with direction from the S3 project committee).

The deadline for submitting applications is July 1, 2013.  If a group is selected to participate in the S3 program, participants will be invited to Epworth By The Sea for an orientation retreat in September. Approved groups will receive funding through the South Georgia Order of the Elders S3 program, which will provide $500 per person, per year, for the two years of the group’s learning process, to be used according to the approved learning experience.

Detailed information and an application can be found at www.sgaumc.org. Contact Dr. John Stephens at john@wesleyssi.org or 912-634-1412 with questions.