September 19, 1725 - An Important Day in the Life of John Wesley



John Wesley was ordained Deacon in the Church of England on Sunday, Sept. 19, 1725. He was 22 years old. He was ordained at Christ Church Cathedral at Oxford University by Dr. Potter, Bishop of Oxford, who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury.

After his ordination John wrote in his diary, “Leisure and I have taken leave of one another. I propose to be busy as long as I live, if my health is so long indulged me.” He determined to seek God and serve him every moment. Some modern Wesley scholars say this was his conversion. I don’t think so, but it was a very important day in his life.

Soon after his ordination, Wesley preached his first sermon at the little village of South Lye. On Oct. 16, 1771, Wesley wrote in his diary, “I preached at South Lye. Here it was that I preached my first sermon, six-and forth years ago. One man was in my present audience who heard it. Most of the rest are gone to their long home.”

Following his ordination, Wesley quietly pursued his divinity studies while he applied to be elected to a Fellowship at Lincoln College, one of the other colleges of Oxford University.