Summer 2014: Prayerfully Organizing


South Georgia Conference Transition

Summer 2014
Prayerfully Organizing 

Hello Beautiful People!
On June 11, 2014, The South Georgia Annual Conference will officially transition from nine to six districts. We are excited about the opportunities to continuously get better at making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!
As we move through the initial weeks of summer let us declare this season a time of “Prayerfully Organizing.”  Here are a few things to expect (not an exhaustive list) during the early weeks of the official transition from nine to six districts:
  • The Bishop and Cabinet will convene for a four-day retreat, June 15-June 19 to continue reviewing details regarding the transition.
  • District Superintendents will hold a District Conference to further relay information and address legal matters.
  • District Superintendents will hold Clergy Set Up Meetings and conduct the initial meeting with Clergy Coordinators.
  • District Superintendents will begin to coordinate initial meetings with District Leadership Team.
  • District Trustees and District Superintendents will organize to address property matters.
  • The Conference Chancellor will continue to address legal matters.
  • Districts will organize with appropriate leadership to address district offices, etc.
  • Over the summer, information regarding training for clergy and laity within the new district structure will be forthcoming. 
How can you help during these initial weeks of transition?
We invite your prayers, patience and positive reflections during this time. Invite your local church to keep the annual conference in prayer as we work diligently to prayerfully organize.  God is at work among us and everyone is needed to make a difference in the kingdom.
The conference website,, will continue to provide updates and persons are encouraged to contact their district office as needed.
With Love,
Your Bishop,
James R. King, Jr.