The Bishop responds to questions


Why organize into eight clusters?

The decision to go from nine to six districts expanded the territory of a district superintendent. By going to eight clusters the implications are threefold. First, the supervisory-connectional work of the district becomes more manageable. Secondly, we involve and empower more clergy and laity throughout the ministry of the annual conference. Thirdly, making disciples is emphasized close to the local church. The hope is that pastors will learn from other pastors and congregations will learn from other congregations.  

Why Five Stars?

The Five Stars Loving Accountability System is a way of:

  • organizing for disciple making. It highlights the Ten Timeless Values. When personally arranged by an individual, team, agency or congregation, these values form a disciple plan.
  • encouraging clergy, laity and congregations in disciple making by recognizing participants.
  • being accountable by measuring for results.

How does the 12-member District Leadership (DLT) Team satisfy all the areas of ministry?

The DLT is designed to be nimble and focused while being appropriately expansive.

The DLT has the authority to establish particular project teams, standing committees, and ongoing ministry teams. Ministry areas can be identified without adding another member to the DLT.

Is there going to be an Implementation Team?

The ultimate team responsible for implementing the formation of the districts belongs to the bishop and the appointive cabinet.

The transition team has worked to clarify a way forward in forming the six new districts. The transition team is made up of people who have different personalities and different ideas but the same goals and same purpose. This team will continue to work for one more annual conference year assisting the bishop and the six new district superintendents by observing, listening and communicating how the formation of the six districts is taking place.

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Until next time, remember – God’s will for us is good. We must do the rest.

Growing a Christlike World.

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Your Bishop,
James R. King, Jr.