The Methodist Home seeks Director of Church Relations


A note from Alison Evans, President/CEO of the Methodist Home for Children and Youth:

The Methodist Home is searching for someone special to help us continue our strong relationships with our churches, their members and our conference. New opportunities enabled us to look carefully at our extension ministry position and a new job description has emerged (click to download). We are looking for a faithful pastor who is eager to work among our churches and children – one who is able to travel across the conference and share the great success and the future needs of our children. The best candidate will have a true heart for kids as they will serve as Chaplain for our Macon campus and provide the spiritual leadership for our ministry. 

If you think that God is leading you our way, please read the job description and commit the opportunity to prayerful reflection. Bishop King has agreed that interested individuals may contact me directly so we can visit and begin to explore the possibilities.  In the fall, I hope to have three or four names for consideration in the spring appointment season. Please join me in prayer as we seek the best person for OUR children’s home!