At the Table: Conversations with the Bishop, Hospitality & Virtual Tools Trainings

Trainings will help equip, resource local churches


Knowing church leaders are navigating an ever changing ministry landscape, the South Georgia Conference is excited to bring relevant training to help equip local churches in their ministry settings.

Two upcoming trainings include “5 Things Your Visitors Are Thinking But Won’t Ask” on Monday, April 12 and “Virtual Tools for Ministry” on Thursday, April 15. Both trainings will be conducted via Zoom.

“Hospitality and evangelism have taken on new dimensions in our BOTH/AND world of online and in-person ministries,” said Allison Lindsey, director of Connectional Ministries. “For example, churches may have visitors coming to their campus for the very first time, yet do not feel like a visitor at all because they have been engaging online for the past year. Also, our online presence has now become the front door for people to many of our churches. How does this impact the way we connect and follow-up with those watching virtually? We look forward to exploring these questions and best practices for online tools in these two workshops.”

In “5 Things Your Visitors Are Thinking But Won’t Ask,” nationally known worship coach and author Jason Moore will share lessons learned from years of providing “secret worshiper consultations” in churches large and small. He will help churches identify the five most important factors for new visitors and how to address them with easy-to-implement ideas and systematic steps. The training will apply to both online and in-person worship.

In “Virtual Tools for Ministry,” Rev. David Wood, Executive Director of GNTV Media Ministries, will unpack the basic tools for live streaming worship. He’ll discuss cameras to software to streaming platforms and everything in between.

“The skills needed to reach the world today for Christ are not the same as they were even two years ago,” Rev. Wood said. “Every ministry has to prepare for how the world is changing and that physical gaps and distance may be the new norm.  My family enjoys children’s Sunday school from South Carolina, worship from our church in Macon, and a lunch service from a church in Colorado almost every Sunday. Our world is changing.”

United Methodist Communications, the communications agency for The United Methodist Church, is also launching a series of virtual trainings aimed to assist all who seek to share the gospel. The first offering, The Church Communications Workshops Series: Leveraging Communication for Greater Connection, is focused on next level communication methods and will take place daily from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. April 20-21, 2021.

The event offers more than 20 learning opportunities facilitated by professionals and leaders of innovative church communications. This two-day conference will help church leaders focus on leveraging a variety of communication tools such as social media, digital ministry, and news writing to share their church’s story with the members and seekers in their communities. Conference attendees will benefit from trusted and proven tactics shared by communication experts. Workshop facilitators will also help participants identify best practices and techniques to take the next steps toward their communication goals.

Outside of the conference, church leaders can access United Methodist Communications’ self-serve online training courses. Each offers professional instruction with the added benefit of convenience to accommodate busy schedules.

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