UMs will vote on constitutional amendments


United Methodists in South Georgia and around the world will vote on four proposed constitutional amendments during their Annual Conference sessions.

Proposed Amendment I would change Division One, Article VI of the constitution to add the word “pray” to the list of actions the denomination will take in relationship to other Methodist and non-Methodist denominations around the world in its ecumenical efforts.

Proposed Amendment II would change Division Two, Section II, Article II to remove April and May as the specific months when the General Conference will be convened. An additional sentence was added making the change effective at the close of the 2016 General Conference.

Proposed Amendment III would change Division Two, Section VI, Article I. The amendment removes references to the director of Lay Speaking Ministries and changes it to the director of Lay Servant Ministries in keeping with other changes adopted during the General Conference that changed Lay Speaking Ministries to Lay Servant Ministries to reflect the broader nature of lay ministry within the church.

Proposed Amendment IV would change Division Two, Section VII, Article I in the constitution. The amendment deals with the authority of the jurisdictional and central conferences to establish the number, names and boundaries of the annual conferences and episcopal areas and the authority of the College of Bishops to arrange a plan of episcopal supervision.

--Excerpts from the Kansas West News Connection