Warren Plowden elected first lay alternate to Judicial Council


On Thursday, May 16 during the morning plenary session of the 2016 General Conference, two clergy, three laity and six alternate clergy and laity were elected to the Judicial Council, the denomination’s “highest judicial body.”

South Georgia Conference Chancellor and member of Vineville United Methodist Church Warren Plowden was elected as a lay alternate for a second quadrennium.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve again on the Judicial Council, and I look forward to the opportunity to be called as an alternate,” Plowden said.

The Judicial Council is composed of nine members and reflects the diversity of The United Methodist Church. The Council determines the constitutionality of any act of the General Conference, proposed legislation, and shall “pass upon and affirm, modify, or reverse the decisions of law made by Bishops” among other duties and responsibilities.

Laity elected are: Ruben Reyes of Manila, Philippines; Deanell Reese Tacha of Lawrence, Kansas, and Lídia Romão Gulele of Maputo, Mozambique

Lay alternates: Warren Plowden, Kent Fulton, Joe Wesley Kilpatrick, Ronald E. Enns, Randall Miller and Jacob Apari Lawan

Clergy elected are: Rev. Øyvind Helliesen of Norway and the Rev. Luan-Vu Tran of Lakewood, California

Clergy alternates: Rev. Tim Bruster, the Rev. Angela Brown, the Rev. Diana DeWitt, the Rev. F. Belton Joyner, the Rev. Katherine Austin Mahle and the Rev. Gregory Stover

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