News Feed News Feed en-us 2/27/2020 11:12:16 PM A father’s love: father and son journey together to the Holy Land By Kara Witherow, Editor As Rev. Jonathan Fuller walked along rough and craggy terrain while ... 2/17/2020 Conference to unite in prayer, fasting  When people pray, God listens. And John and Charles Wesley believed “that God does nothing apart ... 2/17/2020 Macon Conference offices moving this week This week, the Conference offices in Macon will move to a new, shared home. They will share space ... 2/17/2020 2020 appointment-making season begins in the South Georgia Conference It’s appointment-making season in The United Methodist Church, and this week, Bishop Bryan and the ... 2/16/2020 Delegation affirms Protocol The South Georgia Annual Conference General and Jurisdictional Delegation has released a statement ... 2/10/2020 Protocol Legislation Released A diverse group of representatives from United Methodist advocacy groups with contrasting views and ... 2/7/2020 Bishop Bryan, delegation discuss Protocol, future By Kara Witherow, Editor During a Winter Conference panel discussion, Bishop Bryan and several ... 2/3/2020 South Georgia UMs continue to give despite denominational discord By Kara Witherow, Editor In a year of heightened uncertainty and denominational discord, South ... 2/3/2020 5 reasons people are more important than the product LEADERSHIP REALLY MATTERS ANNE BOSARGE REV. JAY HANSON I (Anne) am a 1 with a 9 wing. You enneagram... 2/2/2020 John Wesley on disagreements JOHN WESLEY MOMENTS DAVE HANSON In this era of so many disagreements, it is helpful to review John ... 2/2/2020 Lean in FROM THE BISHOP R. LAWSON BRYAN Traveling 6,465 miles together really gives you an opportunity to ... 2/2/2020 SEJ heads of delegations affirm Protocol The clergy and lay heads of Southeastern Jurisdiction (SEJ) General Conference delegations released ... 2/2/2020 Bishop Bryan: Reflections at the Wesley Monument at Fort Pulaski On Feb. 6, 1736, after sailing four months to get from England to America, John Wesley, Charles ... 1/27/2020 Conference Nominations Committee looking for leaders The South Georgia Annual Conference Committee on Nominations has begun a process to identify laity ... 1/22/2020 Fraud Alert: Spoofing emails being sent from fake address The conference office has been notified of a spoofing email making the rounds to various South ... 1/21/2020 GSW Wesley Foundation sees rapid growth, strong leadership By Kara Witherow, Editor For Georgia Southwestern State University junior Jessica Montanye, the ... 1/20/2020 Vineville UMC helps strengthen community, build neighbor’s home By Kara Witherow, Editor Shequita Manson’s new home is painted blue, in honor and memory of her ... 1/20/2020 Common goals unite us OUR CONNECTION MATTERS NITA CRUMP After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of ... 1/19/2020 An Update on the Leadership Forum Task Force Meeting - Writing our own story in 2020 A Word from Bishop Bryan: Since January 3 you may have seen headlines announcing that a decision ... 1/15/2020 Fraud Alert: Spoofing emails being sent from fake address The conference office has been notified of a spoofing email making the rounds to various South ... 1/8/2020