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On-Boarding is a simple process for clergy beginning a new appointment to “jump start” their ministry and leadership in their new church. This strategic meeting happens after the clergy person arrives for their new appointment and is usually scheduled for a date soon after he or she begins their new role. The earlier the better! Some pastors say it gave them six months advancement in relationship building and one year in valuable information.

On-Boarding responds to two challenges:

  • The first is - How do you learn about the new church quickly and sooner, rather than stumbling upon some important information later?
  • The second is - How do you create a bond with key volunteers, staff and lay leaders who need to advise you, support you, and have your back? After an on boarding experience, they will celebrate you!

A new leader On-Boarding experience can radically transform feelings of anxiety to excitement and clarity. This powerful experience is well established and time tested in organizations where a great premium is placed on starting well.

Are you looking for a way to explain on-boarding to your church council or staff team?  Download our informational flyer here. 

Process for Bringing in an Outside Consultant

Bringing in an outside consultant to On Board a clergy person to their new church is a two-day approach (one afternoon and one morning) that relies on the expertise of a trained facilitator to help teams proactively share information in both directions: team to pastor and pastor to team. There are variations for staff and lay leadership experiences.

How to Make a Request for a Facilitator
To take advantage of the on boarding experience, requests should originate through one of the following persons:

-The Bishop
-District Superintendent
-Local Church SPRC Chair

If you would like to request a trailed on-boarding facilitator, please register your interest with our On-Boarding Request Form

The Office of Connectional Ministries will assign an On-Boarding facilitator, who will personally consult with the incoming pastor. The pastor becomes the client and ultimately makes the final decision to participate in the process of on boarding.

Cost for a Certified Facilitator

From within South Georgia: $100.00 payable through the On-Boarding Request Form above.  

  • Conference Staff: apportionments assist to provide this on-boarding experience at a low cost to all of our local churches.  
  • Certified Facilitators:
    • Allison Lindsey
    • Anne Bosarge
    • Meredyth Earnest

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