Projected Appointments

Projected Appointments (posted April 23, 2017)

We invite the continued prayers of the annual conference as the Bishop and Cabinet engage in the holy but challenging ministry of appointment making. As more projected appointments are made for the 2017-2018 conference year they will be placed on this page. 

A Note About the Appointment Making Process

Appointment Making is a process of prayer, consultation, discernment, and communication about projected appointments. This process began in January and will continue up to Annual Conference when Bishop Bryan will “fix” the appointments for the coming year. Bishop Bryan and the District Superintendents covet your prayers and patience during this period. 

As previously announced all current district superintendents will be reappointed to their districts. As Rev. Denise Walton prepares to return to the local church, Dr. Jay Harris will join the appointive cabinet.  Dr. Harris is the Assistant to the Bishop for Ministerial Services. Rev. Walton’s appointment will be released on May 8.

Please note that there may be a few additional projected appointments not yet ready to be released. In such cases, we will announce those appointments as soon as projections are complete.

Thank you for your continued prayers for every church and every pastor and extension minister in our conference.

Re: Making Contact with "Projected" Pastors

The PPR/SPR chair may phone the projected pastor to offer a welcome. Other congregational leaders may do so as well. Site visits by the projected clergy to the newly projected appointment may be planned after May 1.