Projected Appointments

2018-2019 Projected Appointments 

Bishop R. Lawson Bryan has announced projected appointment changes as of May 27, 2018. The appointments will be set at the South Georgia Annual Conference and will be effective in June.

Click here to download the list of projected appointments. (updated 5/27/18)

A Note About the Appointment Making Process

Appointment Making is a process of prayer, consultation, discernment, and communication about projected appointments. This process began in January and will continue up to Annual Conference when Bishop Bryan will “fix” the appointments for the coming year. The 2018-2019 appointment-making schedule is available here.

“One of the primary ways you can see how alive we are is through the appointment-making process,” said Bishop Bryan in a video explaining South Georgia’s appointment-making process. “In that process, local churches, extension ministries, clergy, district superintendents, and the bishop are alive together in seeking the best way to deploy our resources so as to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Click here to watch the video

Re: Making Contact with "Projected" Pastors

The PPR/SPR chair may phone the projected pastor to offer a welcome. Other congregational leaders may do so as well. Site visits by the projected clergy to the newly projected appointment may be planned after May 1.