Second Mile Giving

Second Mile giving is an exciting and significant element of the stewardship program within our connectional system at both the General Church and Conference levels. One official program within The United Methodist Church is The Advance. In 1948, The General Conference launched The Advance as a call to Christians to help rebuild a world shattered by the ashes, rubble and devastation of World War II. 

The first mile, or priority, continues to be for the local church to fulfill their commitment to the World Service Fund, Conference benevolences and other apportioned funds. Second mile stewardship through The Advance foster partnerships between those who give and those who receive. Through Advance gifts, persons determine and support their own individual and local congregation's giving priorities. 100% of each gift to projects vetted through The Advance goes to the project chosen. 

General Advance Projects around the world are approved by Global Ministries to solicit and receive Second Mile gifts. 

Conference Advance Specials are projects geographically located within the bounds of the South Georgia Conference. They have been screened by the Conference Outreach Team and authorized by the South Georgia Annual Conference to solicit support from local churches.