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South Georgia Hispanic Congregations



We are a multicultural church, represented by a diverse range of nationalities, languages and cultures. Our services and activities are
attended and led by Mexicans, Guatemalans, African-Americans, Cubans, Haitians, white Americans, Dominicans and others.
Christian unity produces diversity because we are united by the One God who unites people from all places, backgrounds and cultures.

Pastor: Rev. Daniel Medina

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Pastor: Rev. Daniel Medina

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Pastor: Rev. Jorge Moreno

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Pastor: Rev. Jorge Moreno

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Pastor: Rev. Noel Perez

Arca del Fuego is the youngest congregation of Hispanic ministries at the South Georgia conference.


Our Hispanic ministry began in 2005 in the Firth United Methodist Church chapel in Americus, Georgia with 5 people, my wife, my three children, and me. After evangelizing the community for 3 months, the first family made up of a mother and her two children arrived, that was the beginning of a gradual growth of other families.


Today we are a growing church with different ministries and people from other cultures and languages ​​including a community of 16 Haitian families making us a multicultural church. The church is made up of members from countries such as: Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, USA, Haiti.


Our services and classes for children in Sunday School on Sundays are carried out in English and Spanish.

Today we are a congregation of more than 80 active members at the Service of the community and an average of 90 to 100 people in our Sunday services.


Service hours:

Wednesday 7:00 pm Bible Study.

Friday 7:00 pm Small groups in homes.

7:00 pm Youth Meeting.

Sunday 11:15 am Worship Service with Children's class.


Pastor: Rev. Felipe Ricardo

El Faro UMC, Albany, is an active church committed to the Kingdom. It is made up mostly of brothers and sisters from Guatemala, although people from other countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Haiti and the United States also congregate there. For approximately 3 years, this church has been congregating in the temple that formerly belonged to Trinity UMC.

As its name indicates, El Faro continues to shine light throughout the Albany Community and, in fact, has become a permanent home for many who want to worship God in spirit and truth.

El Faro has helped people affected by tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. And this help has not only been by providing material goods but accompaniment and spiritual help.


For years, the children of El Faro have been blessed to be able to participate in VBS, this program is sponsored by sisters from Porterfield Memorial UMC and Albany First UMC Churches, approximately 40 children participate each year in this activity. But we have also shared special events with Avalon UMC Church.


One of our main objectives is to attract more people to the feet of Christ, that is why sometimes we go house to house and also go out to the streets to do evangelism work. This congregation actively participates in programs such as: Walk to Emmaus, Leadership Training Course, Evangelism, Spiritual Retreats, United Worship, etc.


Our services are in a contemporary style.

Sundays Worship Service: 3:00 PM 

Wednesday Biblical Studies: 7:30 PM

Friday Prayer Service: 8:00 PM

Pastor: Rev. Felipe Ricardo

The Good Samaritan UMC in Morgan, is a small congregation that worships God with extraordinary passion. All its members are from Mexico and Costa Rica.

This congregation celebrates services on Sundays at 11:00 AM in the temple that is located at 10734 Dickey St., Morgan, Ga. 


They also celebrate with great enthusiasm dates such as: Mother's and Father's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

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