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Statistical Tables




Each local church fills out its own report. For churches on a charge, only enter the portion of shared expenses (such as the pastor's salary) paid by your church.

Login Information

Your username is the 6-digit general church number found in parenthesis on your church's apportionment bill. For pastors you will add a p to the end of the 6 digit number. For treasurers/financial secretaries you will add an o to the end of the 6 digit number (letter o, not number zero).  Your number might be 321456o, or 321456p.

Your initial password is 12345678. You will be able to reset the password once you login.



You may wish to watch the Zoom webinar which explained the Statistical Reports. A recording of the webinar is available, as are the materials used.



Some Data Already Imported




Your beginning church membership, church apportionment payments info, advance special giving, and clergy benefit payment info has been imported. You may view this information but will be unable to change it. If your records do not agree or you need any assistance completing these reports, please contact Laura Hatcher or Derek McAleer at 478-738-0048




Two Quirks You Will Encounter




Line 40 will not auto-total UNLESS you tab through each of the lines.  When you tab through 40a and 40b, then 40 will automatically total up.


Line 50 on Table 2 CANNOT BE ENTERED, NOR WILL IT UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY. There is an update function that we will run each morning to update this line. Login a day or two after you complete your report to print out a good copy.  If any information for the church or pastor is incorrect please e-mail to Laura Hatcher (laura@sgaumcadmin.com).


Special 2021 information

COVID-19 has impacted churches in unusual ways.  How do you report statistics in such a weird year?  Here are two specific recommendations:



Line 7: For 2021, only use the weeks that you had full in-person service.  

Line 7a: In 2021, many churches held online services using various platforms. See instructions from the platform to determine views that were hits or watches based upon viewing time (the length of time considered a watch may vary by conference). 



Expenses for cleaning supplies etc. will go on normal church operating lines.  Expenses for audio-visual or computer equipment to facilitiate online worship should be reported on line 49 as capital expenses (NOT on line 47 as operating expense).



Line 27: If the church received a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as part of the CARES Act that has not been forgiven, include the loan balance here. 

Line 54c: Enter the amount received from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as part of the CARES Act here (whether it's been forgiven or not). 



All 3 Tables should be completed by March 9, 2022.  Yes, this is a real deadline, with a real reason for setting it, and we appreciate your courtesy in meeting it. We have work waiting that can't be done until the table are submitted.


Downloaded Tables Missing Guidance, Numbers

If you downloaded a blank copy of the statistical report to work from, you should know that some of the helpful guidance and explanations on the website does not print with the download.  You may want to have the website open, and see what additional clarifications we have posted to help you get it right.


In addition, some of the data we have already imported may not show up.  You will want to check the online version for those numbers.


Impacting Your Apportionments

We use the ending membership number on line 4 in calculating your apportionments.  Note that lines 2d and 3c allow you to correct your membership record if you have a difference between the number you show and the names you can count.


We use the expenses shown in lines 37-47 in calculating apportionments. Please read the notes carefully, particularly the one on line 47. It is acceptable to report Trustee expenses on line 49 if they are capital expenditures.  Don't make an error that could raise your askings needlessly.





Problems Viewing .pdf?

If you upgraded to Windows 10, the new Microsoft Edge browser may not work well with Ezra. You can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Or, instead of clicking the download link as you normally would, right-click on the link and select "Save As..."  Then open the file from where you downloaded it.


Questions?  Need A Bit Of Help?

You may find many of your question answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


For questions or further assistance, please call Donna Dodgen at the Administrative Services Office at 478-738-0048 or email her. Don't hesitate to contact us. We want your statistical tables to be done correctly, and are certainly willing to assist you!


Ready to Begin?

The Statistical Tables can be filled out at http://ezra.gcfa.org/login.aspx.  


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