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The following are resources the Multiculturalism Task Force has put together.


Multiculturalism Resource Guide 

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Authentic Conversations Videos


Advocacy Task Force on Multiculturalism

At the 2017 Annual Conference Session, the South Georgia Conference approved a resolution, a statement that represent the position of the conference on a subject, called the "Multiculturalism Taskforce Resolution." This resolution asked the bishop to appoint a diverse task force to consider the implications of multiculturalism education.

“The members of the Advocacy Team were very pleased that the delegates voted to support the formation of the taskforce,” said Rev. Ashley Randall, a member of the Advocacy Team and pastor of Garden City United Methodist Church. “The tone of some conversations in the public square around the issues of racism, immigration, and inclusiveness had led us to consider how we would respond to any opposition or concerns. Bishop Swanson’s powerful message that God is at work through the Holy Spirit to make us alive together in Christ certainly helped remind us all of God’s vision of a faith community that is always seeking ways to include all those who need the mercy, grace, and love of God."


Members of the Task Force include: Ariana Berksteiner, Columbus Burns, Patricia Burns, Jamie Gallaga, Beverly Madron, Gloria Morgan, Jin-Won Park, Ashley Randall, Denise Rooks, Yolanda Sewell, Antonio Sutton, Patsy Thomas, Melissa Traver, Buddy Whatley, Earnestine Campbell (Staff/Liaison)

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