The morning began with a Bible Study led by Dr. Steven Manskar.  

“Make disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples of Jesus Christ, and we will transform the world,” said Manskar.  “Lead a life worthy of the life to which you have been called.  All have been called to a life of ministry.”


During the business session on Thursday, the conference:

·      heard a John Wesley moment in which Rev. Dave Hanson reminded us that if John Wesley were here today he’d talk to us about money.  Money can go where we cannot go and do what we cannot do.  It is a wonderful servant but terrible master. John Wesley said three things about money: earn all you can, save all you can and give all you can.

·      approved a statement of relationship between the South Georgia Conference and Candler Hospital.

·      viewed a virtual tour of the proposed new Conference Center on the grounds of Wesleyan College in Macon. 

·      approved a motion for the South Georgia Annual Conference to study the feasibility of providing conference delegates with the option of receiving all possible conference materials electronically in lieu of paper materials.

·      approved a motion to for Bishop King to appoint a Task Force of 5 clergy and 5 laity to reassess the General and Jurisdictional Conferences Elections Policy. The Task Force shall report back no later than two years prior to the 2016 General Conference.   Areas to address shall include, but are not limited to, the use of advancing technology and means of regulating compliance to the policy.

·      approved a motion to look into reducing the Annual Conference session by one day and to look into having the session during the weekend to attract more young people.

·      approved a motion that next year’s Annual Conference special offering be divided three ways between our 3 mission agencies – Vashti, Open Door Community Center, and Wesley Community Centers.

·      celebrated with individuals who have received awards from various agencies and ministries throughout the conference.

·      showed appreciation for the hard work and gracious hospitality of the Tifton Local Arrangements Committee and the staff from the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center as well as the Conference Worship Committee.

·      expressed appreciation for Dr. Brad Brady for serving as Conference Secretary for 14 years.

·      accepted an invitation to hold the 2012 Annual Conference session in Macon, Ga. June 3-6.


Annual Conference 2011 ended with a Service of Sending Forth as Bishop King gave a challenge for each person to engage.  “Let them know you recognize them.  How many people come in and out of your life…and you’ve just walked past them and they feel like they don’t count, like you haven’t noticed them?

“Talk with God and let God talk with you.  Once you are engaged with God, you are blessed to engage with neighbor.”

Following his message, the new appointments were and a token was given by Bishop King to every clergy person and Mr. Roy Blackwood, conference lay leader, gave a token to every lay person. 

The 2012 Annual Conference Session will be held in Macon, GA June 3-6.

2011-2012 Appointment List