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Together We Pray

When people pray, God listens. And John and Charles Wesley believed “that God does nothing apart from believing prayer.”


In a focused effort to prepare for the 2021 General Conference session, the South Georgia Conference has launched a Conference-wide prayer and fasting initiative, “Together We Pray." It will run through the General Conference session, scheduled for August 29 - September 7, 2021, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minn. 


While COVID-19 has caused the shift in dates for General Conference, originally set for May 2019, the need for prayer remains, and South Georgia United Methodists are invited to be a part of this initiative. 


The initiative includes three components: local church prayer resources, 24-hour day of prayer and fasting, and regional prayer gatherings. 





Local Church Prayer Resources

Daily Prayer Focus | August 1 - September 7

South Georgia United Methodists have the opportunity to join together in a Daily Prayer Focus. Beginning August 1, 2020, and continuing through General Conference, each day provides a focus word, a scripture and a reflection. There are so many ways you can participate! You can make this a personal journey and/or promote in your local church and journey together; pick an image that represents the focus word, share on social media and ask engaging questions; or talk with others about how you see God at work. We are excited about this intentional focus and hope you will join us in the journey!  


Download the Daily Prayer Focus guide (pdf document) 



Prayer Stations

Prayer stations are 5-10 minute prayer activities that can be set up and used anywhere. The stations can be set up and used over a period of time or for an event. They are typically interactive, inviting the pray-er to read/listen/reflect and then respond to God’s voice. They involve more than just our mind. They engage our body and our emotions as well. 


Organizer Instructions: You will find all you need to create each prayer station.

  • Choose which prayer stations you would like to use

  • Simply gather the supplies needed

  • Print the Printable Prayer Station Reflection for the stations

  • Set-up and create your stations in one area or throughout your church

  • Promote in your local church

Download the Prayer Station Overview (word version) | (pdf version)

Download the Printable Prayer Station Reflections. (pdf document)

Download the Prayer Labyrinth for the last station. (pdf document)


Local Church Prayer Path 

This resource is designed to be adapted to any context and at each individual’s pace. As participants enter the different spaces and walk through the doors of the church, pray that all who enter will be receptive to God’s Word and its power in their lives. Simply copy and paste the portions you need into a format that will be useful in your ministry setting. We encourage you to get creative and add additional focuses unique to your church.  The idea is that you will provide each participant with a handout with instructions for their prayer experience as they enter the space.  


Download the Local Church Prayer Path. (Word document)

Additional Prayer Resources & Links for Prayer Ministry

Innovative Ways to Encourage People To Pray


Creative ways to involve children in prayer: 

Engaging youth in prayer:


24-hour Day of Prayer and Fasting

A second component to the prayer initiative is a Conference-wide 24-hour Day of Prayer and Fasting event - at the conference level (date TBA) as well as at the local church level. 


Conference-wide 24-Hour Day of Prayer and Fasting Event | The Chapel | Date TBA
The 24-hour day of prayer and fasting will be held at The Chapel in Brunswick. It will include hourly prayer experiences.


Local Church Guidelines for 24-Hour Day Prayer and Fasting 

We have provided an outline for a local church to set up their own 24-hour prayer and fasting event. This also allows the flexibility to shift the prayer and fasting time to another date that works better for their congregation. 

Download the 24-Hour Prayer and Fasting Outline for use in your local church


If you would like to host a prayer vigil in which individuals can pray at the church or at home, this sign-up sheet can help to promote the times available (you can use the word doc version to make changes to dates/times).

Download a printable sign-up sheet (word version) | (pdf version)


Regional Prayer Gatherings

The initiative began in the Spring of 2019 with eight regional prayer gatherings before. Clergy and laity were invited to participate in one of eight regional prayer gatherings. These gatherings included times of prayer, worship, and reflection and focused on hearing God’s voice, praying for others, and being rooted in God. The goal is to host additional gatherings in 2020.

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