2017 UMW Goals

The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women…

In Faith:  Founded by our foremothers.

In Hope:  Empowered by the strength of laywomen, supported by United Methodist clergy.

In Love:  Built on diverse and common ground.

In Action:  Connected and affected through support and understanding. 

Whose purpose is to know God:

In Faith, seeking to grow closer to God, we  will encourage personal development and spiritual growth through Bible study, daily devotions, and use of the Prayer Calendar.

In Hope, living with joy, we will promote attendance of younger women at Spiritual Growth Retreat and pursue an increase in attendance each year. 

In Love, knowing God is always with us, we will begin all meetings with worship and prayer.

In Action, doing what we’re called to do, we will encourage every unit to participate in the Spiritual Growth Study.

To experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ:

In Faith, knowing that Christ works with us, in us and through us, we will participate in local missions, promote the children’s reading program and encourage young women to participate in UMW events.

In Hope, trusting God to do His will through us, we will encourage attendance at conference Social Issues Workshop.

In Love, experiencing joy, deep in our hearts and souls, we will encourage implementation of the Charter for Racial Justice.

In Action, with freedom to speak up about injustice anywhere, we will use information from the UMW Action Network to become informed and to respond to injustices.

To develop a creative, supportive fellowship:

In Faith, growing together in communion, fellowship, friendship and prayers, we will actively reach out to teens, young women, newly retired women and previous members. 

In Hope, experiencing leadership and personal growth and encouragement, we will encourage attendance at all District and Conference events.

In Love, listening, rejoicing, and sharing hugs, laughter and tears, we will nurture membership through the use of mentors and prayer partners.

In Action, exploring opportunities and possibilities in fellowship that connect with women around the world, we will provide leadership training for local, district and conference officers and promote Assembly, National Seminar, and Ubuntu experiences.

To expand concepts of mission:

In Faith, bringing light to the darkness for women, children and youth, we will prepare ourselves for mission by encouraging regular use of the UMW Program Book, response and New World Outlook.  We will encourage participation in the Reading Program and Mission Today.

In Hope, living God’s mission, we will increase attendance at Mission u by 2% each year and promote district and local mission studies.

In Love, striving for Christ’s kingdom on earth, we will promote local units’ observance of UMW Sunday with speakers/programs that support and interpret the purpose and mission work of United Methodist Women. 

In Action, seeking mercy and justice, we will support and interact with Open Door Community Center, Wesley Community Centers and Vashti.

Through participation in the global ministries of the church:

In Faith, working together as one body of Christ, we will encourage an increase in Pledge to Mission and promote Five Star Unit achievement.

In Hope, honoring and supporting partners in the Prayer Calendar, we will correspond with our mission personnel and our global partners in mission.

In Action, living the Discipline and Social Principles, we will encourage giving to Quarterly Supplemental Giving.

In Love, seeking unity, we will support UMCOR through monetary donations and/or supplies.