UMW Goals

South Georgia Conference United Methodist Women
Objectives for 2018 –2019

Spiritual Growth:  We will document the effectiveness of the Spiritual Growth Retreat by videoing testimonials from attendees to put on our Facebook page;  we will include a question on the evaluation form to elicit comments to use in publicity for next year’s event.  Person Responsible:  Spiritual Growth Coordinator

Social Action:  We will reinstate the Social Issues workshop and will communicate with each district leadership team at least four times per year concerning social action priorities.  Person Responsible:  Social Action Coordinator

Reading Program:  We will post book reviews on Facebook and in Tel-A-Woman to encourage more participation.  We will begin collecting data conference wide on participation.  Person Responsible:  Secretary of Program Resources

Communications:  We will activate a new Facebook page and increase the circulation of our conference newsletter.  Person Responsible:  Communications Coordinator

Transformative Education:  We will increase attendance at Mission u by 10%.  Person Responsible:  Dean of Mission u

Financial Interpretation:  We will increase awareness of where our mission giving is spent by giving specific examples at all district meetings and encouraging units to include a mission moment at local meetings.  Persons Responsible:  Conference Leadership Team

Racial Justice:  We will have a racial justice topic at the social action workshop and publicize reading program books on racial justice.  Persons responsible:  Social Action Coordinator and Secretary of Program Resources