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Thinking of building a website for your church but don't know where to begin? Do you have an existing website but need some help with content? Check out the resources below or contact Kelly Roberson at kelly@sgaumc.com for help.


Website: Grow Your Church Online

Web ministry is any and every way that your church can or could reach out to members, visitors, seekers and leaders through a variety of Web and Internet technology tools. Most people think of Web ministry as having a website, but there is so much more to developing and maintaining a dynamic Web ministry. In fact, Web ministry should be just as prominent and integrated into your congregation or organization's total ministry plan as any other aspect.


What is Web Ministry?

Basic Tools

User-Center Design

Website Building

Design Options

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Big Heart Design Church Web Development Package

As a church leader, you want a custom website design. You don’t have a lot of time, so you want a simple web management system. You may not know where to start, but you need to work with someone that you can trust. You don’t have a lot of money to spend, but you want a website that looks great! We recently partnered with Big Heart Design to offer a very special web design and development pricing package for churches in the South Georgia Annual Conference. Big Heart Design has more than 20 years of church web design experience. The founder, Matt Carlisle, was the former director of web development for our denomination, so they know the needs of United Methodist churches.


The Base Package offers you both personalized design services and training. Big Heart Design will create a custom visual design for your website, do the initial set-up and train you on how to use your new web management system. Their goal is to empower you, teaching you how to populate your new website with content. When done, they will help you launch your new website. This package allows you to manage your website using premier tools — most of which are free. Rest assured you won’t be left with recurring expenses that you can’t afford.


What’s included: Custom Design, Web Management Tools, Free Web Hosting, Personalized Training, Calendar, Electronic Newsletter, Blog, Event Registration, Online Donations


Learn more about this special offer from Big Heart Design at http://BigHeartDesign.com/church.


Essentials to include on your website

Here are some basic items that every church webmaster should include when developing a site to reach people shopping for a new church:


  • A welcome message, preferably from the pastor. People want to feel welcome, whether in the church itself or on the Web site.
  • Worship service times and descriptions of the service. Many churches now have several different types of service. To simply label a service "contemporary" or "traditional" is not enough.
  • Ministry descriptions. People shopping for a church want to know how the church reaches out to spiritually feed the congregation and the community.
  • Class descriptions. Highlight each class or small group with a brief description, meeting location and time.
  • Staff listing and contact information. A Web site that doesn't offer an opportunity to gain more information by e-mail, phone or snail mail is like the Yellow Pages without phone numbers. Include photos of staff members as well.
  • Core beliefs. Include a few lines or paragraphs about what your congregation believes as well as the theology of the denomination.
  • Upcoming events and a calendar. Church barbecues, yard sales, blood drives, etc., are often non-threatening ways for a person to visit a church for the first time.
  • Directions and map to the church. Do not rely on a person knowing how to get to your church no matter how long it has been a part of the community.
  • Building maps or floor plans. It's helpful for a person to have a general idea of how to get around your church before making that first visit.

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