Welcoming Ministry

Welcoming is how we show kindness, acceptance, and hospitality to everyone - guests and members alike. People catch glimpses of Christ through their encounters with us. In a nation that's becoming more unchurched all the time, we need to ensure that seekers encounter in us a Christ that they want to know better. Your welcoming efforts play a vital role in living the promise of "Open hearts." with the seekers coming to your church as a result of the national United Methodist advertising.

Looking within, we all need to place ourselves in the footsteps of a visitor to find welcoming barriers. Exercises such as Mystery Guest Audit  and Walk-Thru Assessment can help you discover and address all kinds of physical and perception barriers.

Stepping into your community can be as simple as rethinking church and creating a presence through a door hanger campaign, direct mail, banners or a radio PSA. Visit the UMCom resources page to preview the Rethink Church advertising materials available. You are also invited to visit the Impact Community page to find out how you can partner with other area churches to stretch your advertising budget and have a bigger Impact in your community.

Welcoming Ministry Resources