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Year of Prayer

When people pray, God listens.
In a focused effort, the South Georgia Conference is centering itself around prayer in the coming year.
The South Georgia Conference is centering its work around prayer in 2023.

Daily conference work, meetings and conferences will all have prayer as the focus. Each month a prayer guide will be available that will contain a specific focus, including a weekly scripture, a breath prayer, and a prayer prompt. In addition, four book studies on prayer have been planned. (Click here for details)

“While it seems so obvious that prayer is the center of our work, sometimes we need to make intentional efforts,” said Bishop David Graves, episcopal leader of the South Georgia Conference. “It is easy to get sidetracked by the business and agenda items of our meetings. We add more to our plates, we find ourselves in a cycle of busy-ness, and we stay in problem-solving mode. All of this distracts us from listening for God’s voice and seeking His will for our churches and lives. This collective effort will allow space for the Holy Spirit to guide us in all we do.”

John and Charles Wesley believed “that God does nothing apart from believing prayer.” As the South Georgia Conference we believe that, too. May the laity and clergy of South Georgia be bold in our prayers in 2023!

Below you will find the week, scripture passage, breath prayer and focus for January.

January 2023 Weekly Prayers

Jan. 1 // Epiphany Sunday

Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14

Breath Prayer: Justice is Yours, God

As we pray this week, let’s pray for God’s justice to be done in the world – not just for people who look like us and think like us but pray for justice for all.  Ask God to give voice to the helpless and raise up those who have been crushed.  Humbly ask God to forgive you when you have been the oppressor.  

Jan. 8 // Baptism of the Lord

Psalm 29

Breath Prayer: I honor You, Lord. 

As we pray this week, think of God as Lord of all.  Take time to consider God’s power, might, and majesty.  Make yourself aware of God’s sovereignty and holiness.  Then imagine yourself before God’s throne, chosen and adopted; completely loved.  Thank God for the blessing of His presence, strength, and peace. 

Jan. 15 // 2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Psalm 40:1-11

Breath Prayer: Father, You are faithful.  

As we pray this week, let’s remember the times when we have been in slimy pits or mirey mud.  You might find yourself there right now.  Relax in God’s presence knowing He is still present and near.  Even in difficult seasons and trials, God is present with unending love and mercy.  Praise God for His faithfulness in all seasons. 

MLK Day Prayer Download

Jan. 22 // 3rd Sunday After Epiphany

Psalm 27:1, 4-9

Breath Prayer: You are my one thing, Lord. 

As we pray this week, lift up the words of David, “One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and ask Him in His temple.” Ask God to increase your longing and desire for God only.  

Jan. 29 // 4th Sunday after Epiphany

Psalm 15

Breath Prayer: Oh God, purify my heart. 

As we pray this week, ask the Holy Spirit to examine your heart and point out anything that is keeping you from intimacy with God.  Bring to the Father whatever comes to mind and ask for forgiveness so nothing would inhibit intimacy with God.

**January prayers written by Anne Bosarge, Connectional Ministries staff.

We also have a bulletin insert of the prayers available for you below or by clicking here.


February 2023 Weekly Prayers

Feb. 5 // 5th Sunday after Epiphany

Isaiah 58:1-9a
Breath Prayer: God, as I seek after you, may I seek after justice as well.

This week as we pray, Isaiah reminds us that seeking after God entails seeking after  justice and righteousness for others, particularly the poor and the oppressed. Our worship is meaningless unless we are truly concerned about others. Ask yourself, "Is God pleased with my prayers and other acts of worship. May God set us free from evilness, selfishness and the desire to dominate others. The only way for any of us to have a right relationship with God is to have a right relationship with others. Lord help us to honor God as we seek after justice and righteousness. Amen.

(Written by Pastor J. MIchael Culbreth)

Feb. 12 // 6th Sunday after Epiphany

Exodus 24:12-18
Breath Prayer: Obedience to your will, way, and Word, Lord Jesus!

Awesome God we pray for our obedience to your will, your way, and your Word.  Obedience informs our faith.  You gave us an obedient Moses who led the people from slavery to freedom.  You asked Moses to come sit on the mountain top and Moses obeyed and delivered your commandments to the people.  Lord, Moses obeyed your Word and your will to better the lives of the people.  Lord in your mercy teach us obedience to expand and inform our faith to love, serve, and care for each other without regard for race, gender, age, or ideas that separate us from your Will, Way, and Word, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

(Written by Rev. Michelle Dailey)

Feb. 19 // 7th Sunday after Epiphany

Joel 2:1-2; 12-17
Breath Prayer: Let us return to the Lord our God. 

This week let us come together to pray and repent. Let us open our hearts to let go of any harsh feelings towards others or ourselves. Then we can welcome the love of Christ in our hearts. May we accept His grace and mercy, so that we may be able to give grace and mercy to others. Let us return to our God together, leaving no one to face their storm alone. 

(Written by Rev. Cedric Jackson)

Feb. 26 // 1st Sunday in Lent

Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7 
Breath Prayer: Be still and know that I am God. 

God our architect, you created us in your image and gifted humanity with free-will to choose to worship you, serve you, be obedient to you. We are reminded by Adam and Eve in the garden that at times we fail in our obedience and service to you, we sin. Forgive us of our sins. We are sinners saved by your grace. May we draw closer to you, choosing you daily as the head of our lives. May our hearts and eyes be open to embrace more fully your will for us. We give you thanks, our creator, our redeemer, almighty God. 

(Written by Rev. Precious Hawkins)

We also have a bulletin insert of the prayers available for you below or by clicking here.

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